Fishing, striptease and poker underwater: the most amazing tournaments in the history of poker

Over the past 20 years, king had enough funny and meaningless tournaments. On the YouTube channel Poker Bounty appeared a video about the most original attempts of the organizers to make their event unique.

Combined poker and fishing

This idea was decided to bring to life in 2011, when within Caribbean Adventure held a tournament with Bay-in 2,300 dollars. It consisted of 2 stages: first the participants were fishing in the open sea and then gathering at the pouring table. The winner was determined by the amount scored in both stages together.

Fishermen among pokerists turned out to be very little. Only 5 players were declared to participate in the advertised event. The winner was the professional baseball player Wade Towersnd, who won the poker tournament and the fishermen was the third in the standings.

Tournament with strip poker

Paddy Power Irish Company announced on April 1, 2006 World Cup. At first it looked really like a pioneer joke. But when people were seriously interested in participating, the tournament really decided to hold.

Tournament with Strip Poker / Photo PokerNews

Nearly two hundred players played Frrol with a prize fund of £ 10,000 in format winner will get everything. Initial stage each had 5 units of clothing. At the finale all sat in some towels wrapped around the belt.

32-year-old writer John Young became the winner of the Strip Poker Championship. After the Cup was given, the organizers suggested that he undress completely to sacrifice another £ 10,000 for charity. The champion agreed.

Extreme poker

In turn, Extreme Poker Tour in 2006 decided to hold a series of tournaments in extreme conditions. Then Phil Laak agreed to play at the bottom of the ocean. Other poker players played rock at an altitude of 90 meters above sea level. The condition was one – those who fly out, promised to throw off the rock, but as a result they were simply lowered on the rope.

Poker underwater / Phoker PokerNews

Another extreme tournament in this series was held in Finland. There participants played at a table that was located on ice at a temperature of -23 ° C. It was only possible to buy chips in exchange for a jacket. The only one who used this feature Robert Varconi frowned in a T -shirt itself, from time to time running around the table to warm up.

The longest tournament without interruption

In 2013, the Iron MAN tournament with Bay-in 700 dollars was held in the Philippines, where 115 participants gathered. The final table agreement was forbidden. So it turned out that the tournament lasted continuously 48 hours and 55 minutes. The event was introduced to the Guinness Book of Records. The longest was in the game and won the competition Damon Schulenberger, who earned in 2 days without sleeping $ 18,40.