Millionaire Champion: Nikita Bodyakovsky won the first in his career WSOP bracelet

Nikita Bodyakovsky became the best player of the poker world series with Bay-in $ 50,000 where 113 entrances were made. 11 participants paid a contribution on the second day of the game, when the starter stack was only 10 BB.

In late registration jumped and Daniel Negrean with Phil Helmut, which day before that got to the top three players of the Hirolery Tournament with Omah. Among all shortsteks, only Daniel Negrean was able to win prizes. The second day in a row he ranks 3rd in WSOP tournament and earns in the amount of more than $ 1.2 million.

Daniel Negrean at WSOP / Phokerfirma Photo

When the final table was formed, Nikita Bodyakovsky had only 23 BB, ranked 7th among 9 participants. But already in 6-max. Stephen Chodvik With his hand AJ came under the dominance of Nikita with AQ.

Further advantage of Bodyakovsky only grew. In Top 4 he had a stack of more than 50 BB and his opponents on 10 BB. Alternately Belarusian player dealt with Jason Kun (Qq stood before AK) and Daniel Negrean, which had only a few blinds.

In the hedz-up against the little-known player Ren Lina Bodyakovsky came out with the advantage of the chips 4 times. But Malazian has completely changed the situation within 30 minutes of the game leaving Nikita 14 BB. A series of successful handling for Belarus helped him pick up all the chips. He doubled the stack with K6O vs T4s, won several banks without a showroom and revealed a large bluff of the opponent, taking away the main prize – $ 1,462,000. Ranner-up Ren Lin received $ 903 610.