How to build a successful poker career and save the family: Tips from an expert

Professional poresters leave a lot of nerves and money at work, and this work takes a lot of time and provides an unregistered schedule. Therefore, you can only sympathize with their halves who have to go to huge casualties in relationships.

Ashley Adams, who recently celebrated the 38th anniversary. However, despite all the difficulties, the American was able to find a balance between poker profession and family, and "stayed in a game at both tables".

Separate family and poker banks

Many disputes in family relationships arise through finances, in our case the risks of conflict situations are huge. Donuns, Talt and banal disagreement can jeopardize the financial future of your loved ones. Ashley Adams from his own experience persistently recommends conducting game and family accounting in parallel courses.

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Therefore, all work -related costs – poker sessions, business trips, limits and more – should not threaten the well -being of the family. If you are unable to play Banrol, or you caught a long Donunstrik – you should think about changing your profession, or wait for a black lane.

Take time for a family day in a tight schedule

Representatives of standard professions will often envy pokerists because of their independence, potentially large earnings and a kind of romantic craft. But everyone forgets about the non -work schedule of the regulator, which often has to sacrifice the weekend or a full sleep.

Phil Galfon with his wife’s wife /

However, what fanatical would not be a devotion of a profession, it is important for one day a week "put the cards in the drawer". Family day will not only help to compensate for the lack of attention to your loved ones, but also a sip of fresh air for your brain.

Family is more important than poker

Many pokerists – people financially independent, with millions of dollars in bank accounts. But do not forget that the main bank you won in life is your family. So, if these two values ​​put on the scales of scales, the choice should be obvious. No professional plans can be more important than family responsibilities.

Ashley Adams was always guided by this principle, guaranteeing full support to his wife, regardless of her own graphics. Instead, a poterist received a complete card-blanche and supporting in poker affairs if the situation at home was positive.

Ashley Adams doesn’t hide – with his wife he was lucky. If his half were more demanding, pretentious and powerful, most of his advice would not work, and a poker career could be completed much earlier than. So, it is obvious that a universal recipe for symbiosis of a poker profession and family does not exist. The main thing is not to forget – on relationships, as well as on your own game, you need to work constantly.