Spanish rich added $ 3.2 million to their bankrol

The most expensive world series tournament of 2021 was only 33 players in your pocket. For participation in super-hairolelers, everyone had to pay $ 250,000. Spaniard Adrian Mateos does not regret that the risk of this amount.

Adrian Mateos is the most successful Spanish tournament player in history. This also applies to the number of prizes that won live tournaments and the scale of the WSOP bracelets collection.

A quarter of a million dollars seemed to be an ambulance. In 3-Max Mateos came out with a solid chip-led, gathering more chips than in his two opponents together. Ben Hit, however, was in no hurry to throw away the white flag and was able to take the initiative. It was with the Englishman Adriana had to cross the cards in the hedz-opa.

Adrian Mateos Celebrates Obtaining 4th WSOP Bracelet / Photo PokerNews

In the game himself on the Spaniard still took a revenge and took the main prize – $ 3,265 262. It is, by the way, the biggest prizes that Adriana Mateos managed to win in one tournament. Now between him and the closest pursuer in the Spanish "All Time Money List" Sergio Aido is a whole abyss. Mateos overcame $ 25 million, the closest pursuer – twice as modest work.

It feels comfortable Adrian Mateos and in the list of the most successful Spanish players on WSOP. He tried on the fourth gold bracelet, and at the closest pursuer of Carlos Mortensen there are only two. And the 2001 world champion has already completed a professional poker career.