The poker players outlined the casino in Las Vegas for $ 126,000: How did the fraudsters be exposed

All three arrested by Las Vegas police. They are accused of fraud – players received a dishonest advantage due to the actively perished cards. Referred to such not too common species of poker as Mississippi Sten and Fly IT Rayd, where the scheme could really work.

They died the highest cards (aces, kings, ladies and valets) and thanks to defects could find out the nominals of closed cards. Sudzhan and Avagyan have been guilty and willing to pay the losses, Simityans are waiting for the hearing of the case. Everyone is in prison.

I wonder that two of them have a good profit in the poker. The Simityan Welsh in Living Tournaments won $ 420,000 and Vagan Sudzian earned $ 850,000. About the results of Gevwora Avagian is unknown.

Vagan Sudzhan / Photo Pokeroff

The Triple of the accused took away from the casino Paris In Las Vegas, more than $ 126,000, of which 60,000 was transferred to Simityan cash. Later the casino Wynn reported that they had the Simityans and the company bent cards and then transferred about $ 19,000 in cash. Also among the victims was a casino Planet Hollywood. However, the amount of their losses is not reported.