More than 17.5 million earned pouring on April top series

Pokermatch has ended a series of knockout tournaments Pko PONT, which became one of the biggest events in Ukrainian online. The series was attended by 2.755 unique players who made more than 32.335 entrances to the tournaments, the total prize fund of which exceeded UAH 17,500,000!

It is not surprising that such a prize fund attracted the attention of the best representatives of Ukrainian poker, between which the main struggle broke out. This time, the record for the number of victories in the series reached the player with Nica Nektovladson. He earned 7 titles at once and was able to outstrip his closest pursuers, including very strong rivals such as Stas Shrekpoker91, Vovan1977 and Wolfzp. By the way, Stas Shrekpoker91 Galatenko has long been leading the number of won tournaments (6 event), but Nektovladson made a powerful jerk in the last days of the series and was able to snatch first place! A stunning result!

But the number of titles is not all yet. In poker, as you know, the amount of money earned is of great importance, and the champion on this indicator was a poterist with Nick Vovan1977. He managed to win five PKO PONT events and replenish his bankroll for 227,224 hryvnias! It is also worth noting the successes of the player Lebronn2333, which was able to get into prizes 81 tourna.

Our review would be incomplete without mentioning the success of the POKERMATCH strip. Igor Netigor and Stepan Solianyk won three gold chips and once again proved their high class!

The most massive tournament of the series was Maine Ient from Texas Holdem, which gathered 1,391 entrance and a total prize fund of 778,200 hryvnias! 200 players went to the prize zone, and the best of them was a poter with nickname Runner1. For its wonderful achievement, Runner1 received 105,131 hryvnia and a nominal champion cup! Congratulations!

The full results of the series can be seen on the official POKERMATCH page.

Well, the PKO PONT series has come to an end, the winners of the tournaments received their awards, but Pokermatch continues to please its fans and announced the beginning of a new battle! Already from May 1, poterists will be able to try their hand at a series of Hayrollers with a prize fund of UAH 2,500,000. Win packages in all series tournaments you can just now!

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