Way from the World Champion to Poker oblivion: Jamie Gold’s story

In 2006, Jamie Gold won the unofficial world championship with poker and set a record for the number of prizes received by WSOP Main Event Winner. But $ 12 million ended quickly, the poker glory of the mysterious American was gone.

The Main Event of the World Cower Series in 2006 has every chance to enter the Annals of the Story. Tournament for $ 10,000 stormed at once 8 773 players, which is still a record. Another record holder was destined to become a boyfriend with "Gold" The name of Jamie Gold. The American exquisite -style producer overcame all rivals and put a stunning $ 12 million in his pocket.

During the tournament distance Gold behaved boldly, provoked rivals verbally, played aggressively, and sometimes adventurous. In Jamie’s hall psychologically supported Jane Gold’s mother, and the energy for the body and brain activity of the future champion drew blueberries by eating blueberries.

As a result, for the final table, Jamie sat out a candid chip leader, accumulating more than a quarter. In the Head-Apea weapons were already known by the famous poker professional Allen Kanningham.

The fate of 12 million dollars that Gold has settled during a photo shoot unknown so far. Immediately after the tournament was completed by half the winning Comrade Jamie Krispin Lheer. Like, helped the partner to propagate during the event of one of the giants of the gambling business. In the end, the Golda’s 6 million wins the court froze and only a few months later the dispute parties came. Who got the money is unknown. Part of your winning newly made world champion has been allocated for step -by -step treatment. But after a few months a serious illness took Robert Gold.

Jamie Gold. Photo: Getty Images

In the poker shade went out and world champion. After the success of 2006, Jamie Gold won the offline hardly some half a million dollars of prize. And nowadays participate only in inexpensive tournaments and does not demonstrate outstanding results. So it is not surprising that Jamie Gold continue to be called a one-time champion and one of the most controversial triumphs of the main poker tournament of the planet.