Hackers have told how much do pouring streamers earn

During the recent fever in the World Wide Web was also injured and the main Twitch Stripform platform. Peppering Internet predists took advantage of the moment and merged the financial reports of top representatives.

Many viewers go to Twitch, in particular by poker themes. Let’s say one of the flagships of poker streams of Lex Veldhus there are up to 285 thousand subscribers.

It was the Dutch Strmer who earned the most thanks to Twitch, state the data that got into overall access. A little more than in the previous two years the Strmer platform brought Veldhus nearly $ 300,000 in profit.

What is important in this amount is not made to reach, which is also a solid source. First of all, paid subscriptions that give them owners much more opportunities to communicate with their idol during broadcasting.


Despite the good earnings, the representatives of the poker Stramer Party are real wraps when compared to the leaders of this financial report. Cyber ​​Sportsmen earn the most who are broadcasting their game sessions.

Let’s say, "Criticalrole" – a staff of professional actors voice that also play in Dungeons & Dragons, put nearly $ 10 million in the pocket over the past two years. The owner of the second position – Felix "Xqcow" Liazel. Canadian Strker who once played Overwatch, earned on Twitch $ 8.4 million.