Which of the professional football players won the most money in the poison

Professional football players often stay in large international poker series. Last Successful example – won Wsope Bracelet by the attacker "Wolfsburg" Max Cruise. His results are still not reaching among the best among professional football players where the top 5 rating looks like this.

David Levi – 4 134 982 dollars

David Levy / Photo PokerNews

Israeli football player David Levi spoke for a local club "Hapoel Ramat Gan Givataim", Before his career ended due to knee injury. After that he moved to Las Vegas, where he fully managed to realize himself in the poker.

Before the move Levi had some poker experience. His first results appeared in 1995. In total, David has 42 registered winnings, the largest of which was in 2007, when for 3 place in WPT Mandalay he received $ 229 540. Also, the Israelis took third place in the world series of poker three times, earning $ 857 728 in those tournaments.

Jan Wang Soensen – $ 2,263 518

Jan Wang Soensen / Photo PokerNews

Another professional football player who easily shifted his skills by poker tables is Dananese Jan Wang Soensen. He was performing for the club "Odense", and, like Levi, because of the injury he was forced to say goodbye to the professional career of the football player. Then Sorcensen mastered different types of poker by reaching incredible heights.

In the early 2000s, the Danish football player struck the poker world with its results on WSOP. In 2002, he won the bracelet in a tournament from the Pot-Smith Omaha, and after 3 years he designed "The double", Having received another trophy for victory in a tournament from a 7-card herd.

Jang Wang Soensen is a record holder by the number of won prizes in one tournament among all professional football players. For winning High Rolller Master Classics of Poker he earned 800 972 dollars. Dancer received his last win in October this year at the Norwegian Power Championship.

Steve Wotts – 889 933 dollars

Steve Wotts / Photo PokerNews

Former English Club player "Leleton orient" (Performing in the Second League) regularly participates in large series like WSOP, EPT or WPT. The best result of Watts is 59th in the Main Event of the Cower-2013 World Series, where he received $ 123,597.

Steve Wotts Poker Career started in 2008 when he won tournament with a prize fund of £ 9,000. Since then, a former professional football player has been approaching nearly $ 1,000,000 in living tournaments.

Gerard Pike – $ 668 155

Gerard Pike / Photo PokerNews

Gerard Pike, who left football last month was considered one of the best defenders in the world. With the Spanish national team he won the World and Europe Championship, with "Barcelona" – Three times Champions League and World Cup.

In the king most of the success of pike came on the EPT series in Barcelona. In 2019, he almost became the champion of the Hirolery tournament, receiving $ 392,950 for 2 place. Now that the Spaniard has departed from football, it is possible that soon he will appear on a variety of poker shows.

Tony Cassarino – $ 595 809

Tony Casakarino / Photo PokerNews

Tony Kassarino is an English football player who advocated the Ireland national team. Played for such clubs as "Aston Villa", "Chelsea", "Seltik" and "Marseille". With the national team he went to the World Cup twice in 1990 and 1994.

In the late 2000s, Cassarino began to storm the heights of poker. He won the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, and the culmination of his poker career was 2009 when he won $ 283 412 in the main event of Gukpt London Main Event.