Novelties and Trends 2022 in poker: what has changed in the industry

Mystery Bounty is gaining extraordinary popularity right now – this is when the player is not fixed for the player, but every time is determined by randomly. Also poker Rums give new more important features of their ambassadors and try to combine online and offline series.

Mystery Bounty as a new industry standard

This format is only gaining popularity. Mystery Bounty is increasingly appearing both in offline and online. In online it is successfully used by units but the popularity of such tournaments is crazy. Events with random bounty collect thousands of players, and not only on the online.

For example, a world series of poker this year Million Dollar Bounty No-Limit Hold’Em with Bay-in 1,000 dollars gathered 14 112 entrances. Mattz won won, but his name was remembered.

Matt Glanz won $ 1,000,000 / PhokerNews photo

There is no reason why the random bounty format may lose its popularity. On the contrary, most Ruma will try to add it to the schedule of their series.

New functions of poker ambassadors

Earlier the Great Rum tried to invite a star, sign a contract with her and work only on a PR only. Now "branded" Professionals make you do really important things, not just take pictures in the symbolism of Rum.

This is traced to the example of Daniel Negrean, Fyodor Holtz and Jason Kun, who are world -class stars, but everyone tries to be interesting in various industries.

It is different in working with Ambassadors and Ukrainian Rum PokerMatch, where the virtual ambassador Dragobrat appeared, there is a mediaambasador – a popular showman of Uncle Johr, as well as people who are a model of the game and perform important functions for society. For example, Yevgeny Kachalov went to a world series of poker in Las Vegas in the summer to help Ukrainians affected by the war. Part of the money won he sent with Rum to humanitarian needs.

Eugene Kachalov on WSOP / Photo from Twitter

Combining online and offline series

The coronavirus pandemic crossed the 2020 and 2021 years in offline, and in 2022 the organizers try to make up for the lost lost. A combination of online/offline series in poker rooms is a controversial format. Perhaps in the future it will really become popular.

At the present, everything happens in such a way that somewhere they offer to play start -up flays in online, and on day 2 or the finale to come to the casino. Or just divide the tournaments – part of the offline schedule, part in online, and possibly even in parallel. Anyway, but players like to play on the Internet and live, so this format can transform into something completely new.