American poker Steve Aoki will fly to the moon

Nominee for the award "Grammy", Popular DJ and poker Steve Aoky lover came among the selected people who will go on a month’s trip to the moon. They will be able to do this for free thanks to the project of the Japanese billionaire.

Japanese billionaire and astronaut Yusaka Maedzava has decided on a team that will go to 8-day private journey a month and back on Ilon Space X spacecraft. Among the lucky ones found a familiar poker committee Steve Aoki.

The 45-year-old American spends a lot of time poker arranging home games in his mansion in Las Vegas. Steve Aoki also appeared in the company of world-class stars such as Doyle Branson, Phil Ive, Phil Helmut and Patrick Antonius at Premier Meet-Up Game. Now on a well -known DJ and Powerist waiting for a new call – a flight to the month.

As a kid I always wanted to fly into space, it was my dream. Definitely it is scary but losing this opportunity I can’t. I have goals for this journey. For example, you can become a cosmic DJ but much more i want to write a song about a month,
– shared his thoughts Steve Aoki.

According to Japanese billionaire Jusak Maedzava, the project received more than a million applications from people from all over the world who subsequently undergone a strict selection process. In addition to Aoky, on board Space X will be an American director who has shot for National Geographic, Brendan Hall, actor from India Nine d. Joshi, Singer of Korean Boys Bend Chchwe son Hon (T.O.P.), Czech designer and choreographer Yami Akinia, Leading YouTub channel Everyday Astronaut Tim Dodd, British photographer Karim Elijah, And also the leader of the group – Yusak Maedzava.

It should be noted that in the history of up to the moon 24 people were flying – astronauts who participated in the American space program "Apollo". And after the mission "Apollo-17" 1972 when Americans landed on the Earth’s satellite for a month, no one flew to the moon.