Coronavirus continues to attack poker tournaments

After ten cases of contamination of coronavirus in the region, all casino in Macao were closed, which brought serious losses. During this period, the local casino had not been missing about 11.3% of profits.

For the same reason, Triton Poker Series organizers have launched an indefinite period of series. Initially, the first stage of the series was to take place on February 10-22. 12 tournaments were planned as part of the championship.

This situation has not passed by the Asian World Poker Tour tournament, which is involved in most of the leading poker players. On February 14, WPT Live Specialist Danny McDona on his Facebook page outlined a post stating that WRT organizers were forced to cancel Vietnam’s WPT series, as well as to postpone Taiwan for three months-it will begin on May 14.

It is possible that there will still be news about changes in the schedule of other living series in Asia because of the coronavirus epidemic.

WSOP 2020 under threat?

Discussions about possible changes in the world series schedule through coronavirus. At the moment, only 14 cases of infection have been recorded in the United States that have not led to fatalities.

WSOP President on Communications with Seth Palansky Society stated that they monitor the development of events in the world, so while the dates of WSOP remain unchanged – from May 26 to July 11.