Exemplary game: Viktor Malinovsky won the Super Millions tournament tournament

The final table of the flagship tournament with Bay-in $ 10,300 came out very star for the selection of participants. The company of the strongest equal was not Belarus Viktor Malinovsky, who received more than $ 300,000.

The loudest online event of the week called Super Millions as always caused a stir among poker "rich". 151 Entrance provided a prize fund of the tournament of more than $ 1,500,000.

At the final table "side by side" There were stars such as Viktor Malinovsky, Sam Vusden, Alexey Ponyakov, Arthur Martirosyan, Mike Watson and Bruno Volkman. Chip leader of this company was Lev Gottlib from the USA.

Despite all the forecasts and expectations, "Levmealone" He kept his stack for a long time using the advantage in chips against more experienced rivals. But when Courage was caught by Victor "limitless" Malinovsky, it became clear that these two would meet in the hedz-opa.

In the decisive battle, the discipline of Malinovsky became decisive. He found courage to throw cards in a pass on River where many players would pay a opponent. "Limitless" demonstrated incredible poker senses.

Gottlib was a strong nut. Yes, in the middle of the hedz-ape he not just played 3-Bet with K9, and then slammed 4-Bet Push from Malinovsky from AQ. On the flop he was put two kings and confrontation continued. Such actions helped the American to stay in Head-Apa for more than an hour, but eventually a balanced approach of Malinovsky worked. Victor took the main prize-306 923 dollars, Ranner-APA got 240 654 dollars.