Zub Sensler is constantly playing poker to get to the Guinness Book of Records

In 2011, Phil Laka spent more than 115 hours at the play tables, which allowed him not only to win a few thousand dollars, but also to enter his name in the Guinness Book of Records.

Often tried to move the star Phil Laaka from the throne. Looks like a gensler’s Zaku is finally managed to do it. Right now the American plays the longest session in his life, regularly reporting on Twitter. Zak admitted that long ago wanted to become part of a poker story. This game is of particular importance in his life.

Poker practically saved my life. I was very depressed when my mom died. Only thanks to poker I started to live again. I managed to tear a few bite jackpots in casino, after which I finally got back on my feet, ”Zakh Secler said.

He was going to set a world record back in 2019 when he lasted at a table for more than 80 hours. But it was just a workout for now in Las Vegas, where the world series is taking place, to take care of the case.

Gensler was supported by casino executives. At the table he was installed a special clock with levels of 60 minutes. The names and signatures of all witnesses are documented in the protocol. ZAB also removes small videos for reporting.

Gensler will be able to take a nap during marathon. According to the rules, it gets a 5-minute break after every hour that can "to put off" and take advantage of time at a time. Whether Zakh Seenser gets to the Guinness Book of Records will be known very soon.