Grandpa from Africa who won $ 3.5 million in poker

In modern king, Americans and Canadians are ruled by the game, however, and in Europe, there are no successful and wealthy professionals. But on the African continent, the intellectual game is not so popular, you will say. Nothing like that – deny a respectable poker Raymond Ram.

The gray -haired grandfather in 2007 forced the poker elite to respect the natives of Africa. 62-year-old businessman from South Africa, for whom poker was nothing more than a hobby, took third place in the most prestigious "alive" tournaments on the planet. At WSOP Main Event that year Raymond Ram was not going to, Las Vegas went on a coincidence. A month before this amateur took fourth place in the largest poker tournament in Africa All Africa Poker Tournament. And then received a bonus pack for a trip to mecca of gambling business.

Without feeling the burden of responsibility for a solid bay-in $ 10,000, Raymond Rammay left 6,355 opponents behind his back and got "bronze" the unofficial world championship with poker. A fantastic performance in the main event brought a South African more than $ 3 million in prize. In addition, Raymond Rammay became the first and still the only representative of Africa to play at the WSOP Main Event final table.

Raymond Ram. Photo:

After the success of 2007, Raymond Rammond has come more thoroughly and still had time to win $ 500,000 in "alive" tournaments. In particular, in 2008, the South African officially confirmed the status of the best player of the continent by winning All Africa Poker Tournament. Raymond Rammark completed a poker career in 2016 on top of the list of the most successful players from Africa in history.