Play in poker helped the Binance founder earn tens of billions of dollars

Chango Zhao is unreasonably called the king of cryptocurrencies. Canadian of Chinese descent in this area has reached a fantastic breakthrough and is the founder of the world’s largest binance cryptocurrency. But few people know that Chanpane Zhao’s incredibly successful career of Chanpane Zhao took her start.

The ambitious boy from China at 12 years moved to Canada, where he later graduated from the Macgil University in Montreal’s University. The ordinary work of Chanpane Zhao was not interested, Chinese dreamed of huge fortune, the banal case helped him in this.

In an interview with Bloomberg, a businessman confessed that he first invested in Bitcoin in 2013, after friendly seats on a game of poker. Having played a session at the company of the future CEO of BTC China Bobby Lee and Investor Rona Tso, Changpen Chejao convinced friends to invest 10% of his assets in the pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency.

Chanpen Chjao / photo

The idea so captured the Chinese that one or the tenth he did not stop. Chanpen Chjao sold the apartment and, in the language of poker, literally went to Oln-in. After 4 years, adventurer Doris to Binance, which is today the main player in the crypt market. Chanpeen Chanpen’s brainchild trading about 350 cryptocurrencies and brings annual profits.

According to the Nomics analytical company, the volume of trading on the exchange in 2021 exceeded $ 20 trillion, Binance earned about 20 billion on this. Since Changpen Chgao is the largest investor of a 90%project and has a huge number of crypto-assets, Bloomberg estimates Chinese wealth at $ 96 billion. Not bad for a guy who worked in McDonald’s in his student years.