Vitaliy “Beoz” Yarmolyuk: “I try to develop in the poker step by step”

– A little asleep (smiles) but it doesn’t matter. Nice to win such a large tournament. I usually have a mill on PokerMatch not very much, I was offended because I flew on pre -final!

– How many entrances made?

– Five or six. But to ITM only one left. Sat "Korotish" out of 12 BB in the top 50 and then won a couple of coolers and has already become a little easier. It came to the finale somewhere with 5-6 stacks, but it turned out and became a chiplide. Have been called for distribution several times, but I agreed at once. And then thought that for the race, both command and personal, guaranteed first place is more important. And tired of playing a little if honestly. If it was not for Gipsy’s offset, would now miss the tournament but you cannot bring the team!

– How are you preparing for such tournament marathons?

– I try to keep myself in shape – I do sports. Running, push -ups, go to the hall. And this, in principle, discipline and helps in preparation for tournaments. And while playing, if your back gets up, I can also stretch, sit down.

– You have eight victories in the PokerMatch series already. Which of the trophies is the most valuable?

– Well, according to the prize, of course, the last. I have not won so much for one tournament yet (Vitaliy received over UAH 276 000 – Ed.). And emotionally, perhaps, the most striking was the victory in the Turbo Pont series. I went out to the final with a short stack, and in the opponents were all the top players PokerMatch – Dieselok, FL111; Well, I started playing soul – and won.

– And in offline as things?

– I played on two series PokerMatch UA Millions in "Khreshchatyk" and in "Fulus Hausi", But not very successful. Nowhere to the prizes got not, did not happen at all. So, victories in living tournaments, hope I have yet to come.

– You are more comfortable to play online?

– From a professional point of view yes. More tables, greater expectations. I use I play faster as a lover. In the offline attracts the atmosphere itself, living people, emotions. Even offline tournaments are memorized for a long time.

– You have been admired by Poker for a long time?

– Long. Started playing another student, nine ago. I had a few attempts to do poker professionally. But the first two were not successful. I interfered with "The problem of the apartment", When after winning in any tournament immediately climbed up the limits and burned there. I even made breaks for a year or two. Aged, worked on mistakes, and since 2018 poker is my main job.

– You have a few cups and medals from different series PokerMatch. You keep the collection at home?

– He drove to his parents. They have a special place where all my trophies are stored and they are very proud of them. By the way, these cups were very helpful in terms of discussions with relatives. Earlier for them poker was something abstract and my admiration they, to put it mildly, did not approve of. Came even to what could not talk to each other. But when the trophies appeared, their questions fell away by themselves.

– You play constantly on PokerMatch. Why did our Rum choose?

– My first poker account was on "Parimatch" And then it played a role. Such a nostalgic moment. The main plus PokerMatch for me is not very big fields. If 1,000 people play, then you still have much more likely to go through the finale than when there is a field of 10,000 players. Well, and pleases many different series with good guarantees.

– Your most important poker dream?

– You know when I was younger, I dreamed as everyone probably win a wsop bracelet or any other cool offline tournament, but over time looked at this story. It seems to me to move forward, you need to constantly set yourself local goals and climb them like steps – step by step. I even have a special notebook where I write down the tasks: disassemble 10 handouts, watch video finals and t. others. But from the WSOP bracelet, of course, I will not give up!